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Команда форума
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1. There’s a total of three barricades blocking the path of any intruders between the Fortress Gate and the Emperium.

2. Made up of a series of Barricades preventing anyone from crossing it until its all destroyed. You can cast over the Barricades.

3. Unlike the emperium, you can use any skills on the Barricades. Examples: Heal, Kyrie Elisen, Eske, Storm Gust, Soul Breaker, Asura

4. They too can be repaired/created, but only by the Guild Leader of the guild controlling the castle. Make sure these items are in your inventory when talking to the NPC (Control Device).

Trunk (30)
Steel (10)
Emveretarcon (10)
Oridecon (5)

5. Each component needs to be added several times to the barricade in a random order. You’ll have to pay attention to the specific text que’s in order to properly rebuild the barricade. Barricades must be repaired in order, starting with the one closest to the Emp Room (NPC: Control Device No 3)

6. Once you use all the pieces correctly, the barricade will re-appear. In most cases if you use the incorrect items the rebuilding process will end then and you will have to restart.