Обновление Warfork

А вот и первый патч подоспел. В первую очередь работа идет над звуком, но так же до новых крат дело дошло. Под катом можно найти полную версию патчноута.

Наши сервера уже обновлены и ждут игроков.

Патчноут 2019.10.09

— Added Damage Numbers which can be customized in Options.
— Updated placeholder sounds. Most of the sounds were converted from stereo into mono to make them work correctly in 3D space. Also their volumes were adjusted and normalized in order to avoid clipping and make them more balanced to each other. Some sounds were reworked and swapped to make more the sense. And last but not least, hitsounds are now variable depending on the damage.
— Replaced weapons placeholder sounds with new WIP (Work in Progress) sounds. Note: Please comment with feedback below to help us improve the sounds.
— It is now possible to switch to OpenAL sound module on Windows, as it gets preinstalled by Steam on the game installation.
— Allowed bots to bunnyhop in every gametype.
— Updated localizations, overall translated text has been increased for 50% by our volunteers from Transifex.
— Updated and fixed HUDs.
— New Zoom effect.
— Added a basic flash window highlight if someone mentions your name.
— Added a new countdown message.
— Critical Effect disabled by default for new players. Note: Existing players should disable it in Options.
— PNG Screenshot support added. Removed TGA screenshot support. If you wish to take a jpg screenshot use Steam.
— Fix callvote cooldown on votes that never started.
— The intro video will no longer attempt to play upon launching the game the first time.
— Added maps wfca2, wfctf5, wfdm20, wfdm3, wfdm8. Updated wftutorial1 (map description) and wfamphi1’s ceiling.
— The console will now display a maximum of 3000 lines instead of 500, which allows commands such as «cvarlist» to be executed and read fully.

— Fixed an issue with messing system mouse sensitivity/accel on Windows. Please check that you have «in_dinput» cvar set to 1 via console or config.cfg.
— Don’t force team models for local player in-game & while watching demos.
— Change rocket explosion & projectile lights’ color to orange.
— Allowed «crouch» animation being shown to others while player model is in the air.
— Set minimum «cl_pps» to 40 to prevent possible warping.
— Disabling weapon animation doesn’t remove its fire animation now.
— Set win_nowinkeys 1 by default.
— Increased max Zoom FOV value to 75.
— Fixed model shading issues.
— Added blue dynamic light for Grenade projectile.
— Added LG marks when it hits the wall.
— Positional sounds of respawn, tele-in, tele-out fixed
— Added cg_showCrosshairDamage (0 off — 1 on) to prevent crosshair color changing upon causing damage to an opponent (1 is set by default).
— Servers instantaneously appear on the masterserver list instead of taking 5 minutes
— Specifying 0 as a value for scr_conspeed will result in the console toggling instantly.
— Shorter default time for g_vote_electtime from 40 to 20 seconds.
— Run at fixed maxfps=60 if disconnected
— Fixed callvotes with g_inactivity_maxtime 0
— Console message coloring for various ERRORsWarnings.
— Force vsync if disconnected and the console is open
— Added a Tiny Font which is used by Damage Numbers, which might also be useful for modders down the line.
— Warnings are now printed to the console in the event of missing shader images.
— Fixed jpg support; Textures in custom maps should load.
— Added Damage Numbers cvars cg_damageNumbers, cg_damageNumbersColor, cg_damageNumbersSize, cg_damageNumbersDistance, and cg_damageNumbersOffset.

— Added language selector in Options — Player — Misc (overall 25 languages are supported including English).
— Updated UI, bunch of options and tabs have been renamed.
— Added 1000 FPS option.
— Fixed FPS being limited by default «cl_maxfps» in UI.
— Added «Sound module», «Zoom sensitivity», «Mouse yaw», «Mouse pitch» «Frag message location», «Show awards», «Show zoom effect, «Show critical hit effect» options.
— Added input fields for mouse settings.
— Moved console button from the top of the Home screen to the bottom left.
— Fixed preview info in the Demo menu.
— Updated Droid Sans font to fix drawing of some letters (especially Vietnamese)

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